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Septimal. This is a word which means anything to do with the number seven. This spans several subjects such as "The seven crystal systems" in, for exapmple, solid-state Physics,X-ray diffraction, gemology, et al.

Mention the seven basic colours of the rainbow--Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (ROY G BIV)-- and you've mentioned something septimal.

So whether your talking about the significance of the seven spikes on Lady Liberty's crown ( I hear it means freedom's light shinnning on the seven seas and the seven continents) or most importantly why God made the world in six days then rested on the seventh Day, your talking about something Septimal. You can call it the Septimal Theme. and its vast and profound once you see how far it spans.

Someone research the Seven Crystal Systems for starters and you'll see. R.O.S