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Suess may refer to:

  • Süß, a German surname transliterated as Suess
  • C. J. Suess (born 1994), American hockey player
  • Eduard Suess (1831–1914), an Austrian geologist
  • Hans Suess (1909–1993), an Austrian born American physical chemist, nuclear physicist and grandson of the geologist Eduard Suess
    • Suess cycle, a cycle present in radiocarbon proxies of solar activity
    • Suess effect, a change in the ratio of the atmospheric concentrations of heavy isotopes of carbon noted by the chemist
  • Hans Suess, known as Hans von Kulmbach, 16th century German artist
  • Randy Suess (1945–2019), American programmer, co-founder of CBBS, the first bulletin board system
  • Ray Suess (1903–1970), American football player
  • Suess., the author abbreviation of German botanist Karl Suessenguth (1893–1955)

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