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Wikipedia:WikiProject Television/Episode coverage task force

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This is a task force of WikiProject Television for the coverage of episode related content (as opposed to over-all show information, or other general TV article). This includes Lists of episodes, season / series / story arc articles, and individual episode articles.

This task force is the result of merging WP:TVE and WP:LOE. You will find all those guidelines, templates, and advice on this page, as well as new information. This was done to better organize all articles relating to episode-level detail.

To include articles in this task force, add episode-coverage=Yes to {{WikiProject Television}} on the article's talk page. To assess articles for this task force add for example, episode-coverage-importance=low after including the articles as part of the task force.

See also WP:NTVEP for guidance on writing articles on individual television episodes.



Technically speaking, anyone who edits / contributes to TV and episode articles is a participant, and there are no requirements other than that. If one wishes they can further identify themselves with the task force by adding {{User TV Eps}} to their user page.

Article assessment[edit]

Some advice regarding television episode article assessment:


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Individual episodes[edit]

Featured content[edit]

These articles about television episodes reached featured article status. You can use them as an example of what a well written episode article should look like.

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